COVID-19 official announcement

Well, we all probably saw it coming. Due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and all its consequences we are cancelling the COE2020 event. Even if the ban on events (in the Netherlands) is lifted, other countries closing their borders, global flight restrictions and the financial burden of the pandemic on everyone might be too much. We don't want to have people left out and to be honest, we probably couldn't afford to let the event continue without accruing a considerable amount of debt.

All bought tickets will be refunded immediately. Do note that it may take up to 14 business days for the money to appear in your account. If after this time the money hasn't arrived, or if there are any other problems, don't be afraid to reach out to us through [email protected] .

Personally I want to apologize that it has come to this and that we didn't act sooner. I was unsure whether to just wait it out, but in the end felt like cancelling is better, as most non-EU people probably wouldn't be able to make it and regulations/restrictions will most likely keep piling up.

I also want to thank all the staff. They've done stuff I would never have thought of myself. The website looks amazing and works like a charm thanks to hallowatcher, and all the design is crisp and clean thanks to youi. Not to mention Meyer, Bram, maxi and OMKelderman for their endless braining on the back-end of everything.

If there will be a 2021 event, we can't say. It all depends on what happens on a global scale, so we will keep monitoring the pandemic closely.

This also means there won't be announcements for the foreseeable future (we already kind of stopped doing them), we'll update you when there's something worthy of updating you about.

Thanks again and sorry, until next time.


Will there be an event in 2021?

We sadly do not know yet, if we can host an event in 2021. Once we receive confirmation that an event will be possible and it's still feasible to hold, we will announce it here on Twitter and Discord (see Contact for links)